Electrolux EWF2CBPA Refrigerator Water Filter

$30.84 Available

With the Electrolux EWF2CBPA Pure Advantage refrigerator water filter, your water will achieve levels of clarity you never thought possible. For more than six months, this filter will reduce the types of contaminants that lead to off flavors in...

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Electrolux EWF01 Refrigerator Water Filter

$52.55 Available

A genuine OEM part, the Electrolux EWF01 refrigerator water filter will help significantly improve the taste of your water and ice. By reducing contaminants including chlorine, lead and lindane, this filter will provide cleanness and clarity in every...

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Electrolux EAFWF01 Refrigerator Air & Water Filter Combo


The Electrolux EAFWF01 Refrigerator Air & Water Filter Combo has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are happy to offer the Electrolux EWF01 Pure Advantage Water Filter and EAFCBF Pure Advantage Air Filter, both genuine OE parts, as...